Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thought you might like to see some of the craft I have been involved in.
These are some of the clowns I have knitted for different people.
The one with the musrooms on his head was entered into the Royal Agriculture show and received 3rd prize. The picture was taken on our patio which runs down the side of the house.
The One Man Band was knitted for someone at work who is very musical.
I will take some photos of the greetings cards so you can see what I have made. Vintage Mum would have received some of the cards :-)


  1. Lovely knitting, I can knit holes.
    I want to have a go at crocheting hearts, the garden won the toss today though I cut the lawn.
    I do have a C. K. bag to make when I get the time :)

  2. had a go at the hearts they looked like, well not hearts, something went wrong, but I will try again C x

  3. You are better than me.I can't crochet anything let alone hearts. Hope your lawn appreciated the hair cut.Ours is going to sleep now for winter and I think today is the last beautiful sunny day we will be having for quite a while.Did Claudia enjoy Italy?I notice you have lots of followers.Are they all friends from around you or new acquaintances?I will take the camera to the beach tomorrow and shoot some piccy of the sunset and post later.B:-)x