Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Monday hello

I am just about to get ready to go to work as I am on afternoon shifts. I finish shift work next week and start a new job as an admin assistant, still with the same company but in a different location. Hope you had a lovely Easter and well done on the blogging thing. I thnk I am getting better also as I have changed my photo and added a few things.
will send another blogg soon
love me :-)


  1. looking forward to lots of pics, its helped my computer skills no end, not that you need it :)
    Have a good day at work will you miss anything ?
    Most of the choc has gone may need new supplies tomorrow (only joking)
    bye for now C x

  2. not taken many photos lately so will need to get out and about with the camera and get them downloaded.
    I have 2 days off after tonight so will take it for a walk and see what turns up.
    Hope you weren't too over enthusiactic with the chocolate, it was the hot cross buns I ate too many of:-)