Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday in the garden

For months now I have wanted to start a 'cottage' style theme in my garden. I have seen wheel-barrows in garden centres and thought how nice they looked and decided I wanted one as well. Lo and behold we have found a 2nd hand barrow on the verge across the road and planted it with seedlings this morning. Fingers crossed they all take.

This is a Royal Cape climber with a bird feeder just in front. This is about 3 years old and is gradually taking over the fence which is nice. The native birds love it.

We went for a lovely drive tonight to see the sunset. Thought you would like to see it.

Stunning yes?

In about 5 minutes it went from this one on the right to the one on the left.


  1. Hi
    you will now need a barrow for the weeds :) What did you plant ? I had a day in the garden, looks like we have lost a few plants after the bad Winter.

    I like the empty beach

    C. x

  2. Hi
    we planted, cornflowers, violas, marigolds, petunias, daffodil bulbs (hiding at the moment) sweet william, and vinca.we have flowers already on some of them.will take a closeup photo on the weekend. we planted a native banksia tree and a frangipani tree a week ago as well, hope they take.we have just had the wettest week for months.rain every day but warm with it.
    bet you are glad you have your computer back:-)
    you must be back at work soon, yes? I started my new job on Monday.admin work. soo different my head was hurting.
    'talk' to you soon B x.x.x.

  3. By the way, how do you get your blog to look so lovely. mine is boring compared to yours
    b :-)

  4. Hi sorry didn't know you had posted anything it only shows on mine if yours is a new post. I have been busy making stuff which I will post soon for feedback :)
    We don't have the computer back yet this is the old one :(
    If you go on google and put in free blog backgrounds there are loads,go and have a look at some of the ones I follow and then the ones they follow if you get my drift, you will find loads of interesting people.
    Ethan downloaded mine for me. I'm back at work on Mon and really need to get some housework done.
    Good luck with the new job bye for now
    C x

  5. just a thought if you want to speak to me come on my blog and post a comment then I will reply on yours.
    If you go to the top left of mine you will see the background site, just click it will take you there, the first one I had was shabby blogs, but I needed to change the widgets ? :( to make it fit better whatever they are.Still finding my feet but I can now put pictures on the side bar I couldn't understand how people got loads, you just keep adding them on and moving them around.
    I have trawled a few blogs found people that sound genuine and sent them an hello its been fun Tilly Rose is really nice. speak to you soon C x

  6. Where are you ? work must be good : )

  7. Nice to hear from you, if you import pics from the web and save, you can post and change quickly.
    Go on some of the people I follow some of them make lovely things.
    C x