Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Wednesday 10th November 2010

Happy Wednesday

This is one of the beautiful boxes Vintage Mum made for me as I love snowmen. The inside is full of tiny snowmen like the big one on the lid.

I also love jewelery, and I have had a ring made from 2 of my old rings. Picked it up yesterday and I love it.

I am still trying to get my blog back to the way it was when I first started blogging but even though I try, I can't seen to get it to load any different wallpapers. I will persevere. :-)
I have persevered and changed it a little bit. please let me know what you think of it.
We are having some much needed rain today and the gardens and plants are sending their thanks.

Speaking of snowmen I must say I love Christmas as much and have started my Christmas shopping already. I bought 2 pressies today and 3 more tomorrow. I try and theme my day and this year it is Red & White and the shops are thinking the same as me as there seems to be lots of red decorations and nick-nacks I should not have much trouble going overboard as usual:-)
Don;t work too hard all you workers, I am on leave this weeek so will sign off and do a bit more around the house and hope to hear from you
Barbara :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A drive for a sunset and another walk around the garden

I can't believe the colours of the flowers especially the pansies and the wisteria. Thought you might like to see them. The sunset was last Sunday. We are having the best weather at the moment. It even got to 28 degrees (86 degrees Fahrenheit) last week. We have a public holiday here tomorrow so my other half is going for a cycle ride and I am making Christmas cards.

sorry about the graffiti but what a lovely sunset :-)
My other half has booked a shopping weekend away for me to Melbourne at the end of November so should get some lovely photos again, and some great bargains at the direct factory outlets and markets.
to Vintgage Mum, let your daughter know there is a small parcel on its way :-)
will say goodbye now and everybody look after yourselves. will blog soon

Friday, September 17, 2010

A walk around the garden. Saturday 18th September

As I walk out of my kitchen door I go out into a new world of flowers which have opened just in time for spring. The pansies are looking beautiful all in a row on the window-ledge of the kitchen so I can see them whilst I am in the kitchen. This leads to the patio with a table (which will be used for bar-b-ques in the summer) with a lovely watering can and a bowl with some tulip bulbs which hopefully will bloom. (watch this space for more pictures)

The white flower is a Camellia which I would have to say is next to being my all time favourite flower after the rose. The other flowers are Azaleas, the white one with pink around the edges is aptly named lipstick. The whole patio is abloom with colour but thought I would just show a few of the nicest. The small purple flower is a wisteria which has not yet come into full bloom, but still shows promise of being spectacular again this year.

The ordeal with my eye is hopefully over. The surgeon is happy with the laser treatment and I don't need to go back till next year to see him. Some good news on the job front, I have been made permanent in my role (I was on a secondment for 1 year) so I won't need to worry what will happen at the end of the year now.

Just off to make myself a cup of tea, so will sign off and say happy blogging to all

Barbara :-)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Special birthday wishes to Vintage Mum's son. Hope you had lots of fun at the zoo and looking forward so some pictures of the family.

You might ask why an eye? Well I had to have laser surgery on Thursday for a tear in the retina in my left eye. It was not the most pleasant of procedures but the surgeon says that the success rate is over 95% so fingers crossed.My sight is still blurry so if there are any spelling mistakes in this I apologise.

Can't spend too long on the computer so will say bye for now and post some more news next week
barbara x.x.x.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Everyone knows it's windy Sunday 11th July 2010

well!!! Winter is finally here. We have waited 3 weeks for the weather to break and break it has. Gale force winds and howling rain, but as nearly every West Australian will say, "we need the rain so we won't have restrictions next summer"

I have just come home from an Engagement brunch. Lovely finger food and champagne and orange juice. She had a beautiful solitaire diamond ring, and the wedding is in Bali sometime in the near future.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What went wrong with my blog: Friday 2nd July 2010

Computers, who would have one. just joking. I have lost my side pictures and want to change the font and look of my title but can not find out how to do it. Jumping up and down now, so going to bed and will look another day when not so tired. 23.10

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A quick drive to the City Sunday 13th June

Where do the days go. Sunday again already and nearly half way through June. Still no rain this month yet but they promise us some soon.
Your Vintage shop looks good Cate. I have just logged on and I am the first follower. The boxes look just like shop bought. Very clever. I always knew you could do things like that. I have made some more greetings cards this week, and if I can I will take photos so you can see them. Your blog is getting very professional loooking and you are geting more and more followers.

You said you wanted to see other cities. Not sure if you remember this Cate.Perth skyline from Kings Park, hot off the camera just for you.