Sunday, June 13, 2010

A quick drive to the City Sunday 13th June

Where do the days go. Sunday again already and nearly half way through June. Still no rain this month yet but they promise us some soon.
Your Vintage shop looks good Cate. I have just logged on and I am the first follower. The boxes look just like shop bought. Very clever. I always knew you could do things like that. I have made some more greetings cards this week, and if I can I will take photos so you can see them. Your blog is getting very professional loooking and you are geting more and more followers.

You said you wanted to see other cities. Not sure if you remember this Cate.Perth skyline from Kings Park, hot off the camera just for you.

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  1. Thank You I enjoy making the boxes.I laughed when I saw who my follower was :)

    You can link to daughters shop from mine as well not sure when I will be able to post pics now as I dropped the camera, see last post.

    Perth by night I remerber that.

    Cate x