Friday, July 2, 2010

What went wrong with my blog: Friday 2nd July 2010

Computers, who would have one. just joking. I have lost my side pictures and want to change the font and look of my title but can not find out how to do it. Jumping up and down now, so going to bed and will look another day when not so tired. 23.10


  1. Hia
    Where have you been ?
    There is a new bit at the top right which says design, click on it and it will go to dashboard.
    hope this helps, if not go into the archive.

    There is a parcel on its way for someones Birthday.

    Cate x

  2. Hi

    Looking, looking, looking.....waiting to see your updated page design. :)

    Lotsaluv Carol XXXX

  3. My little parcel arrived today, Thank You they are lovely, but much too nice to use :)
    C x