Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Introducing the Zo in kuma-zo

You may be wondering what kuma-zo means.
Well it is japanese for bear and elephant. As I love all bears and elephants I thought my blog name should represent these lovely creatures. I already have the bear as my image so this is a good time to introduce the elephant.
Meet Dumbo, the cutest elephant in the world and a great partner for Harry the bear.

Cate:- I have put a comment on your blog
keep well and talk to you soon
love B x.x.x.x.


  1. Well I did wonder what the blog name meant

    C x

  2. Hi, kuma-zo sounds like the perfect name for your blog. Cate told me she had a friend in Perth who has started a blog, so I'm guessing that's you! I'm new to blogging as well. Isn't it fun? Kim :)